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Cody Nugent, Coroner

Cody Nugent, was elected as Coroner in 2018.  The Coroner serves as the chief death investigator (Medicolegal Death Investigator) and clerk for the county.  He is tasked with many legal duties surrounding the deaths that occur in Marshall County.  These legal duties include:

  • Completing unattended death investigations.

  • Working with the Alabama Department of Forensic Science Medical Examiners and Staff.

  • Work with the numerous law enforcement agencies service Marshall County in criminal and suspicious death investigations.

  • Issuing cremation permits/notifications.

  • Reporting violent deaths to the Alabama Violent Death Registry.

  • Serving on the Child Death Review Team.

  • Handle the disposition of unclaimed bodies.

  • Consult with Emergency Room Physicians on suspicious deaths.

  • Mass Fatality Planning with the Marshall County EMA.

To assist in these duties, Alabama state law provides the Coroner the ability to appoint Deputy Coroners.  These Deputy Coroner's are appointed officials and serve at the pleasure of the Coroner, holding almost all legal authority as the Coroner.

Cody holds an associate degree in funeral service education from Jefferson State Community College.  He holds licenses as a Funeral Director, Embalmer, and Advanced Emergency Medical Technician.  He is trained in death investigation through the University of North Dakota School of Medicine, Death Investigator Training Academy, Alabama Department of Public Heath (SUIDI), and numerous other organizations.  

Medicolegal Death Investigators

Chief Deputy Coroner

Chris Brock

Deputy Coroner

Mike McCormack

Deputy Coroner

Andrew Brooks

Deputy Coroner

Leslie Lovell

Deputy Coroner

James Ramsey

Deputy Coroner


Chaplain Division

Lead Chaplain

Zach Stanford


John Beck


Rock Stone


Robin Kent

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