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Marshall County Coroner's Office

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Cremation Notification

Notification of the Coroner prior to cremating an individual who has died in Marshall County is required by state law.  After completing this form you will be given the opportunity to print a copy of the completed notification and you will receive an email containing the notification acknowledgement.

Death Notification

This notification is intended for use of our healthcare and medical facilities who certify deaths. 

In accordance with Alabama state law, the Coroner’s Office should immediately be notified if there is suspicion of criminal violence or criminal neglect, when death occurs in suspicious or unusual circumstances, when deaths are thought to result from trauma or violence, in any prison or penal institution, or when in police custody; whether the cause is known or suspected, primary or contributory, or recent, delayed, or remote.

Record Request

Coroner's Investigation Reports are available upon request.  Reports on current and pending criminal investigations may not be available until investigations have been completed.  Cause and manner of death must be final prior to releasing investigation reports.

What does this office do?

The Marshall County Coroner's Office is responsible for leading the death investigation in unattended, suspicious, criminal, or other unlawful death.  This office also handles unclaimed individuals, assisting families with indigent process, mass fatality planning, and many more duties.  The Coroner and his Deputy Coroners (Medicolegal Death Investigators) serve as the primary death investigators and clerks in the county.



201 North Street
Albertville, Alabama 35951

(256) 568-8900

(256) 253-5516

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