Request Coroner's Records

Records with the Marshall County Coroner's Office may be requested however reports prior to January 14, 2019 may be limited in availability and quality.  Please use the below form to request records and provide as much information as you have available to better aid our office in meeting your request.  No guarantee can be made that records will be provided and no guarantee is made to the quality of records that may be provided.  The record search fee of $20 (plus credit/debit card processing fee) is non-refundable.  It may take up to 4 weeks to research and provide your requested records, or provide you a response to your request.  A copy of your valid photo ID must be included with your request.  If you are unable to provide a copy of your ID digitally you must submit one via USPS prior to your request being met.  Also you will be emailed a link to pay the $20 record search fee to the email address provided, if you need to pay by check please submit check payable to the Marshall County Coroner's Office. 


If you need a printable application click the PDF link.

Legal references for releasing records:

Attorney General Opinion: 2007-015

Attorney General Opinion: 8800011

To request Autopsy and Toxicology reports from the Alabama Department of Forensic Science please visit their website.

Alabama Department of Forensic Science
Toxicology/Autopsy Report Request

To request a copy of any report from the Alabama Department of Forensic Science it must be made directly to their office.  We are not able to release reports our office did not generate.  Please print and mail in the below form to the Alabama Department of Forensic Science to request a report.